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Just like PrestaShop itself, the documentation is open to everyone for suggestions, ideas, and modifications. Anyone is welcome and even encouraged, to contribute to translate, update, or write the PrestaShop user documentation.

GitBook and GitHub are synchronized: if you change the content of any page on GitBook, your edits will be pushed to the GitHub repository. Conversely, commits pushed to GitHub are imported on GitBook.

This means that both interfaces are open to contributions.

Gitbook is a tool to build documentation. It works like a text editor and might be the best solution if you are not really tech-savvy. To contribute to the PrestaShop documentation using GitBook, please send us an email to documentation@prestashop.com with a little introduction of yourself:

Are you a merchant? In which language would you like to translate, update, or write? What motivates you to participate in this project?

PrestaShop's Product Content Manager will onboard you and will give you access to the documentation as an editor. You will have to sign in with either a Gmail, GitHub, or GitBook account. Click here to create a GitBook account.

Each documentation is synchronized with a repository on GitHub. Both interfaces are open to contributions.

Feel free to suggest ideas by opening a new issue or a pull request on the corresponding repository: English , French , Spanish , Italian , Dutch , Farsi.

To learn more about contributing on GiHub, take a look at the README of each repo.

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