Useful Websites

Here are useful resources you may need for translation.

πŸ›  The PrestaShop demo

Context is crucial in translation. That's why you may need access to a PrestaShop store. So, here's the PrestaShop demo (front-office only):

🌳 Translation domains

Sometimes, a string may appear a bit unclear to translators because of the lack of context.

Translation domains aim to give more context to translators, by indicating where the string appears on the PrestaShop software.

Each string created for the PrestaShop project must be associated with a translation domain, to be later translated on Crowdin. So, when a minor or major version of PrestaShop is released, all the new strings associated with this version are added to Crowdin to be translated.

You will find an explanation of translation domains here:

🌍 Do You Speak PrestaShop?

If you want to stay updated on the translation project's latest news, we publish a monthly Crowdin report detailing news, progress as well as remaining translations needing approval.

You can find it on our blog, available here.

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