The Do's & Don'ts of Crowdin Translation

Here's what you must do and don't when Translating on Crowdin.

❌ Don't translate variables:

Variables are values that can change depending on their context in the program. They are highlighted in green and must not be translated as they can result in software bugs, for example.

On Crowdin, you can simply click on a variable to copy and paste it into the target language. Make sure to copy and paste the variable exactly as displayed on the original string.

❌ Don't:

✅ Do:

✅ Use the comments and issue features:

If you don't understand a string and need more context, you can use the comments section to ask for help. As this section is visible to every other language in the project, every translator will be able to help you.

Asking for more context:

You can use the comments section to ask for more context on a string that might seem vague or if you're not sure if the string should be translated or not.

Note that you can also check out the translation domains page to understand where a string is located in the software.

Requesting the help of a proofreader

Proofreaders ensure the quality of translations. If you wish to improve pre-existing translations, you can do so by requesting their approval.

Reporting a typo

Sometimes, a source string can contain a typo or misspelled word. Simply open an issue on the relevant string by checking the "issue" checkbox and the project managers will have a look at your issue.

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