Customer Preferences

The "Customers" page bring together specifically customer-related options, most notably the B2B mode.

  • Re-display cart at login. If the customer had a cart that was not checked-out, display it once he or she logs back in.

  • Send an email after registration. You can have PrestaShop send an e-mail to any newly-created customer with a summary of his account information (email, password) after registration.

  • Password reset delay. You can choose to limit the frequency at which a customer can generate a new password for his or her account. By default, it is set at 360 minutes – 6 hours.

  • Enable B2B mode. The B2B mode brings a handful of new features to your store. Customers are no longer considered as individuals but as companies, and therefore some new options appear:

    • The customer profile has new fields related to professional information (Duns number in the USA, SIRET number in France, CNPJ number in Brazil, etc.),

    • Prices can be masked to specific groups,

    • Prices can be managed on a per-customer basis for the whole catalog or per category,

    • Invoices can be generated manually,

    • etc.

  • Ask for birthdate. You can choose to request the customer's birth date at registration, or not. If you do, it is a good practice to let customers know why, and to really use it (by sending a discount or a small gift for example).

  • Enable partner offers. You might have an agreement with one or several business partners to suggest the subscription to their newsletter to your customers. If it is the case, then you should enable this option. At registration, a check box will appear: "Receive offers from our partners".

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