Creating a back office order

On this documentation page, you will learn how to create an order from the back office.

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Creating an order directly from the back office of your store can be very useful! Imagine that you are on the phone with a customer who wants to buy a product but, for some reason, does not succeed. You can offer to create the order for them.

Associating the order with a customer

On the Orders page, click on the “Add new order” button and enter the first letters of the customer’s first name, last name, or email address to display the matching accounts.

If you need more information about a customer, click on the “Details” button.

🆕 If the customer you are creating this order for does not have a user account already, you can create one by clicking on the “Add a new customer” button and filling in the form. Once saved, the customer is automatically suggested for your order. Click on “Choose” to start creating the order.

Accessing abandoned carts and previous orders

In the Customer section of the order’s form, you can access and the customer’s abandoned carts and their previous orders if any, and select them.

It can be very useful, and save your time! For instance, if it turns out you are dealing with a cart that a customer somehow could not validate, you can use that cart as the order basis by clicking on the "Use" button.

‌Adding a product

If you do not want to use an abandoned cart nor a previous order, use the “Search for a product” field.

  • Type the first letters of the product’s name

  • In the Product drop-down list, choose the product you want to add

  • If the product has some, select a combination

  • If the product is customizable, add your text

  • Enter or pick a quantity

  • Click on the “Add to the cart” button to validate

PrestaShop gives you an indication of the remaining stock, just below the “Quantity” field, this way, you can tell your customer on the phone if a product is out of stock, without having to open another tab.

‌Adding a voucher

Once the order is created, you can grant that order a voucher, and even create one by clicking on the "Add new voucher" button. To know more about how to create a cart rule, visit the corresponding documentation page:

Cart Rules

Editing/Adding an address ‌

The delivery address and the invoice address might be different if the person who is going to receive the package is not the one who paid for it.

Editing an address

In most cases, the address fields are already filled in. You can still modify the address by clicking on the “Edit” button to modify it.

Adding a new address

If you have just created the customer account, you will need to add their address at this point.

Click on the “Add a new address” button and fill in the form. This step is mandatory in order to proceed with the order.

Organizing the shipping

In the “Shipping” section, you can choose the available delivery option. Your choice automatically determines the shipping price.

If you want to offer your client the shipping, click on “Yes” to automatically set the shipping price to 0.

Organizing the payment

Check the order summary. Is everything ok? If yes, you can finalize the order by organizing the payment.

Send pre-filled order to the customer by email

One way to complete the order is to send the pre-filled order with the information you entered (items in the cart, delivery address, etc.) to the customer, so they can complete the order themselves. The customer will be able to double-check the information, change it if needed, and enter a payment method to finalize the order.

Proceed to checkout in the front office

Clicking on the “Proceed to check out in the front office” button redirects you to the front office checkout funnel, to complete the back-office-created order.

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