Order page management

Fully redesigned for PrestaShop 1.7.7, the order details page helps you save time when processing your orders. In this section, you will learn how to manage order details.


Understanding the order page organization

Divided into 6 sections, the page provides you all the details about an order.

⬆️ At the top of the page is a quick summary of the order containing the:

  • order reference

  • customer’s name

  • total price

  • date and hour of validation

↖️ In the top left-hand corner, the Customer section gives you information about the customer and the private note, if any. You can even access the customer's personal file to see more details.

↗️ In the top right-hand corner, the Products section gives you access to various details on the ordered products.

🔽 Just under the Products section, there is an administrative section that contains four tabs that give you access to the:

  • status and status history of the order

  • documents related to the order (e.g. invoice, delivery slip, etc.)

  • shipping information

  • merchandise returns

↘️ In the bottom right-hand corner, the Payment section gives you information about the payment details (date of the transaction, method used, total amount, etc.) You can also add a new payment.

↙️ Finally, in the bottom left-hand corner, the Messages section allows you to send a message to the customer about their order, or leave a private message for your team.

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