Order list management

The order list has been designed to save you time, by avoiding back and forth between each order. On this documentation page, you will learn how to manage your orders, directly from the listing page.


Finding an order 🔎

The orders are organized by date, from newest to oldest.

Use the filters at the top of the table to narrow down your search and click on the “Search” button.

Exporting an order

You can export a list of your orders. To do that,

  • Click on the cog symbol at the top right corner of the Orders section

  • Choose “Export”

Please note that you cannot import orders.

Viewing an order’s details

You can preview an order’s details by clicking on the down arrow, next to the order’s ID. This will display:

  • The carrier

  • The invoice details

  • The products in the cart

  • The total amount

To see more, click on the “Open details” button. This will redirect you to the order details page.

You can also access an order directly by clicking on its line on the table, or on the magnifying glass in the “Actions” column.

Opening several orders in new tabs

Save time, by opening several orders in new tabs:

  • Select the orders you want to open in the list

  • Open the “Bulk actions” drop-down list

  • Select “Open in new tabs”

Do not forget to allow the opening of multiple tabs in your navigator settings.

Opening the customer page in a new tab

To open the customer page in a new tab, make a right-click on their name, and click on “Open in a new tab”.

Changing the order status

On the “Status” column of the table, click on the order’s status and select the new status from the list.

Changing the status from the order listing can also be very useful if you want to update the status of several orders. To do that,

  • Select the orders for which you want to update the status

  • Open the “Bulk actions” drop-down list

  • Select “Change order status

You may have noticed a color change of the order status: you have a good eye! The color has been changed for better readability upon release of the 1.7.7 version of PrestaShop.

Downloading the invoice and delivery slip

Once an invoice or a delivery slip is generated into the order, it is possible to download it in the action column.

Deleting an order

You cannot delete an order. Implementing a “Delete” button would make PrestaShop illegal in Europe, as it is illegal to remove payment, ordering, or invoice information from a business.

If you want to cancel an order, change the order status to “Canceled”.

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