Adding a new store

To add a new store, go to the Advanced Parameters > Multistore page, click on the "Add a new shop" button, and fill in the form.

  • Shop name: Enter a name for your store.

  • Color: You can also set a different color for each of your stores. Depending on the store you are working on, the header will change color, allowing you to know at a glance what context you are in:

  • Shop group: Select the store group in which you want to add the new store. You can only select one group.

You won't be able to move the store to another group later if you add it to a group in which member stores share customers, sale quantities, or orders.

  • Category root: Choose the root category for your store. It can be different from the one of your default store.

  • Associated categories: Select the subcategories of the selected root category that will be available in the store.

  • Theme: Select a theme among those available. With this feature, each of your stores can have its own branding and layout.

Importing data from another store

You can select what data you want to import from a source store to this new store. To do so:

  • Select the source store from which you want to import data.

  • Then, select the data to import.

By default, all data items are selected. It is recommended to import all modules, even if it means disabling some afterward. That's because the front office and major parts of the back office rely on modules.

If you don't want to import any data, you can disable this feature. However, know that you will have to configure your store from scratch.

Sharing data can save you time if both stores share some characteristics (employees or carriers, for example).

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