Adding a new group of stores

When the multistore feature is enabled, a drop-down selector (or the header, from the version) allows you to select the context in which you want to work (All stores, group of stores, or single store). So, defining groups of stores will allow you to apply changes to all the stores of a group at once. It's very useful if some of your stores share most of the characteristics (catalog, employees, carriers, etc.).

The settings of the stores in a group can also be customized individually if needed. All you have to do is switch to a single store context.

To add a new group of stores, go to the Advanced Parameters > Multistore page, click on the "Add a new shop group" button, and fill in the form.

  • Shop group name: Enter a name for this group of stores. This name is private: only you and your team will be able to see it. You can edit it at any time.

  • Color: From version, you can also set a different color for each of your group of stores. Depending on the group you are working on, the header will change color, allowing you to know at a glance what context you are in.

  • Share customers: Enable this feature if you want to allow your customers to use the same email address and password to sign in to all the stores of a group.

You won't be able to disable this feature once you have registered customers.

  • Share available quantities to sell: Enable this feature if you want the identical products sold in the stores of the group to have the same available quantities.

  • Share orders: This option can only be enabled if both "Share customers" and "Share available quantities to sell" options are enabled. If this feature is enabled, customers who signed in and put items in their cart will be able to complete their order in any other stores of the group.

You won't be able to disable this feature once you have accepted orders.

  • Status: You can enable or disable a group of stores at any time.

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